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Return Policy

If you need to return a product due to quality issues, please contact our customer service team first. For products that we recognize as having quality issues, we accept unconditional returns.

However, we will not accept return or exchange requests in the following situations:

Products not purchased through Abosyn.

Products with damaged labels, replaced labels, or bottles with replaced packaging. Products that require refrigeration for transportation have not been returned with humidified ice.

Original packaging of sealed products is opened, and one-time sealing or adhesive strips are damaged (excluding quality issues).

Misreported parameters due to limitations in your technology or usage environment, or situations that do not match your provided description.

Upon receiving your order, please inspect the product number, packaging specifications, quantity, and appearance according to the shipping list. Store the products according to their storage requirements. If you encounter any discrepancies such as product numbers, bottle quantities, or packaging issues, please inform our customer service within 3 working days of receiving the shipment. If there are issues with the quantity inside the product packaging bottle, please inform our customer service within 3 working days.

Customers should conduct quality acceptance based on our company's COA quality standards. If any quality issues are found, customers should contact our customer service within 15 working days after receiving the goods (referred to as the "inspection cycle") and provide a written explanation of the quality issues.


The return and exchange process is as follows:

Contact customer service online.

Customer service verifies the request.

Confirmation is made by customer service online or via email.

Customer returns the product, the original shipping order, and the issued invoice to the designated address.

Our company receives the return.

The return and exchange process is completed within one week.

Note: If a customer fails to provide feedback within the specified time, the products will be considered compliant with the sales terms between our company and the customer. They will be deemed as accepted and qualified products by the customer. Our company reserves the right not to handle such cases.


Quality Assurance and Disclaimer:

Abosyn guarantees to the original buyer that for products found to be unqualified (including quantity deviations or quality defects) and approved by the seller within the inspection cycle, the buyer can return them within 7 days after receiving our company's decisions. The seller will replace or refund the goods free of charge, but our company will not be responsible for any additional costs. The seller makes no other representations or warranties regarding the marketability or suitability for a specific purpose of the seller's products.