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Abosyn Chemical Inc. mainly engages in providing products such as pharmaceutical intermediates and advanced building blocks to clients in pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries, with the following facilities to meet clients' needs from lab-scale quantity to commercial-scale production: 

— 40,000 square feet of laboratory space, including synthetic chemistry labs and kilo-labs
— pilot lab possessing multiple reactors ranging from 100L to 1,000L


To ensure the quality and successful delivery, Abosyn is equipped with comprehensive analytical instruments including

— 400 MHZ Bruker NMR with auto-sampler
— Shimadzu 2010A LCMS
— Shimadzu analytical and preparative HPLCs


Abosyn also has authorized access to scientific databases, direct online journals and other resources to meet our clients’ technical and scientific needs.


If you are interested in our products or have any technical questions, please call us at (203) 683-8328or contact us at info@abosyn.com.

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